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A finite approach to bookkeeping

As an Accountant my mission is to assist business owners and individuals in understanding their financial position.  

I want to help business owners understand sale trends and where expense leaks are occurring, because identifying and solving these crucial habits can create better profit margins in the future. 

I offer personalized attention for individuals who need to bring order to their financial transactions.

Don't have an accounting system yet? 

We can work together in order to find the perfect application to fit your business goals.

Not happy with your current bookkeeper?

I can review items you are uncomfortable with and proceed forward with how you see fit. 

Looking to go virtual? 

I can help you set up processes to achieve virtual accounting. With QuickBooks Online, your financial information is at your fingertips! Forgot your financial for that loan meeting in fifteen minutes? Just look on your phone for the mobile app and a financial is within reach.